mother kissing happy daughter

Our wellbeing is very sensitive to thoughts of others.

Who would have thought that your endocrine system easily responds to people's thoughts and is under their control!

Remember how during watching scary scenes in a movie, your insides froze from the adrenaline rush? Adrenaline is a hormone that regulates the functions of internal organs.

Or how receiving worrisome news kept you up all night? Someone's thoughts influenced the production of your sleep hormone - Melatonin, which is produced in the pineal gland located right in the center of your brain.

And do you remember how someone's joke made you laugh until you cried? Someone's thoughts caused a whole bouquet of hormones of good emotions to be released in you: Endorphin, as well as Serotonin. Endorphin is a hormone that determines our good (or bad) mood and can even temporarily become pain-relieving.

When something or someone makes you smile, molecules are immediately formed in your brain that neutralize stress hormones. These molecules are called Serotonin, and their job is to transmit messages between neurons. Serotonin affects many functions in our body.

A disruption in the activity of the endocrine system is a disorder that occurs in our endocrine system not on its own but entirely in direct dependence on our own thoughts and the thoughts of other people we have been or are under the influence of.

Take a time each day to connect with your loved ones, whether it be face-to-face or simply catching up over the phone. Engaging in these loving and connected conversations has been shown to switch off genes that trigger inflammation.

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