The Cranberry Wellness

The Cranberry Wellness

We all seek a greater sense of wellbeing. Nature has a power to heal us in many different ways, providing us a space to enjoy the moment and making a healthy impact on our general wellbeing.

You may wish to add Cranberry foraged in the forest to your diet to manage the symptoms.

The berry of Cranberry Vaccinium Oxycoccos is not grown by farmers. It grows in bogs and fens in moist forest habitats and has been used by people both as a medicine and as a food for centuries.

Cranberries Vaccinium Oxycoccos contain a Proanthocyanidin (PAC) that has a unusual structure than those found in other fruits and vegetables, which have been linked to a specific health benefit - preventing bacteria from growth while other types of proanthocyanidins have no similar effect. 

Other amazing health benefits of Cranberries:

• Cranberries contain antibacterial, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds;
• Owning to their rich antioxidant credentials cranberries may support heart and brain health;
• Cranberries gained quite a reputation in the immune system defence and DNA protection;
• Cranberries may protect our health by lowering the negative effect of free radicals accumulation;
• Cranberries demonstrated promise in supporting cognitive function;
• Cranberries are excellent source of macro minerals: Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium;
• Cranberries are natural remedy for UTI prevention.

The reason to love dried Cranberry

Proanthocyanidins are highly soluble in water and rapidly absorbed into the body when indigested. Therefore we believe that tea made with dried wild cranberry is the best option to intake proanthocyanidins within your diet. And you can enjoy the tart and sweet flavour of the Cranberry.

Another interesting fact that proanthocyanidins can enhance the effect of vitamin C in the body.


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